Message From The Directors

With the Area of Focus Initiative,  Research on the Challenges of Acquiring Language and Literacy Georgia State University has launched  a major effort in the development of basic and applied research and education in the areas of language and literacy acquisition.  A primary goal of the Area of Focus is to expand the interdisciplinary research activity and the educational opportunities here at the university.

The Area of Focus initiative offers a unique structure of cross college, cross departmental interaction within the university.  The Area of Focus initiative incorporates the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education & Human Development with 10 academic departments and more than 40 faculty members from these units.  The faculty’s nationally recognized programs of research are supported by external grants.  These faculty participate in the Area of Focus activities serving on is working groups, hosting invited scholars on campus.

We have hosted more than 40 Distinguished Lectures, hosted four visiting scholars, supported 22 seed grants for faculty research initiatives, conducted three successful faculty searches, awarded 45 doctoral fellowships and supported 30 undergraduate students with research assistantships. Our collective efforts have earned approximately 30 million dollars in external grant funding in the past two years alone.

For the current year, we will continue to develop the Area of Focus, as we search for additional faculty and develop additional coursework and training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

We look forward to another exciting and highly productive year.


Dr. Amy Lederberg, College of Education & Human Development, Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education and Communication Disorders

Dr. Rose Sevcik, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology