ALLS Graduate Certificate

Advanced Language and Literacy Science

This program is designed to enhance doctoral education in language and literacy science at Georgia State University. Currently, students receive a disciplinary degree. Course work strength across disciplines is essential. The need for interdisciplinary language and literacy researchers is undeniable. The objective of the ALLS certificate is to develop specialized knowledge in advanced language and literacy science with a specific focus on populations who have difficulty with the acquisition of language and literacy skills. These populations include, but not are not limited to: children growing up in poverty in urban contexts, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disorders, children with learning disabilities, children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, children and adults with communication impairments, and children and adults developing language and literacy in multilingual environments.

The courses offered in the Language and Literacy Science certificate program will be focused on translational science. Specifically, translating language and literacy research into effective intervention principles and practices is the goal. This add-on 18 credit hour doctoral certificate will serve to enhance students’ knowledge in this inter-disciplinary area of study.

Specifically, courses include:
1) Language Development, Disorders, and Intervention Research,
2) Reading Development, Disorders, and Intervention Research,
3) Measurement and Assessment in Advanced Language and Literacy Science and the
4) Interdisciplinary Training Seminar that has been developed previously.
In addition, there will be two elective courses.

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