Andrea Barton-Hulsey


Developmental Psychology

B.A., Communication, Georgia State University

M.S., Speech-Language Pathology, University of Kansas

Ph.D. Candidate, Georgia State University

Advisor: Dr. Rose Sevcik

Research Interests:

I would like to further investigate the relationship between the use of graphic symbols for communication and the development of reading skills in children who use augmentative communication systems as their primary means of expression.  For children who have deficits in any of these areas, reading becomes a more difficult task.  More specifically, little is known about how children learn to read if they have delays in language development and are unable to speak.  For children who use Augmentative and Alternative communication systems (AAC) with visual-graphic symbols, the links between symbolic use and reading development are still not fully understood.  With a better understanding of the relationships of these components of reading in children who are not speaking, perhaps better strategies can be developed to teach this population.