Phebe Albert

flamedirectorypicClinical Neuropsychology

B.A., Psychology, University of Florida

Advisor: Drs.  MaryAnn Romski and Rose Sevcik

Research Interests:

I am a first year graduate student in the clinical neuropsychology program. My advisors are Drs. Robin Morris, Maryann Romski and Rose Sevcik. I received my B.S. in psychology from the University of Florida in 2013. I was awarded an intramural research training position as a post baccalaureate research assistant with the Pediatric and Developmental Neuroscience branch of the National Institute of Mental health. During my time at the NIMH I worked predominantly on a study investigating early physiological and behavioral markers of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in young toddlers at-risk of developing ASD due to early language delays.

My current research interests are broadly in pathology, assessment and intervention in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. More specifically, I am interested in differential diagnosis and treatment efficacy in pediatric populations with severely impaired cognitive and language abilities, including children with intellectual disability and ASD.