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Christopher Henrich

Professor    Psychology, Chair and Professor    

Ph.D., Yale University, 2001


youth development, resilience, achievement, violence exposure


My interests focus on the role of contextual resilience factors in the development of children and adolescents. We are researching an array of factors–including different forms of violence exposure and social support–and how they interact in relation to youths’ academic and behavioral adjustment and well-being. I am particularly interested in development over key educational and other ecological transitions, and in at risk populations. Recently completed research projects include a four-year longitudinal study in Israel on processes of risk and protection among a sample of youth from several communities in the Negev, and CDC-funded research in collaboration with colleagues at the GSU Center for Research on School Safety on the effects and prevention of bullying in upper-elementary and middle school. Current funded projects include an evaluation of after-school programs in Kansas City funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program, and NIJ-funded research on the self-determination and mental health of youth in residential placement.

I have faculty affiliations with the Center for Research on Atypical Development and Learning and the Center for Research on School Safety, both at GSU, and with the Yale Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy.


For a list of my publications, please see my Google Scholar profile.