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Viviana Cortes

Associate Professor    

Discourse Analysis
Corpus-based Research
Formulaic Language
Academic Writing
English Grammar
English for Specific Purposes
ELT Materials and Curriculum Design


Viviana Cortes received her PhD in Applied Linguistics from Northern Arizona University in 2002 and she worked for the Program of Applied Linguistics and TESL at Iowa State University for six years before coming to Georgia State in the fall of 2008. At Iowa State she taught Descriptive Grammar, Discourse Analysis, English for Specific Purposes, and Advanced Academic Writing for international graduate Students. Before coming to the United States to pursue her graduate studies, she worked as an EFL teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her hometown in different elementary and high schools as well as in a teaching training program. Her research interests include the analysis of recurrent word combinations, such as lexical bundles, in different academic registers, and different types of corpus-based grammatical studies as well as the use of corpora in the teaching of academic writing. She has presented her research at numerous local conferences and in conferences and symposiums in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Her research articles can be found in journals such as English for Specific Purpose, Applied Linguistics, the Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Linguistics and Education, and Corpora, and in several edited books.

Frequently Taught Courses:

AL 8250 English for Specific Purposes
AL 8955 Academic Socialization
AL 8970 Linguistic Analysis
AL 8972 Seminar in Corpus-based research
AL 8460 English grammar for ESL/EFL teachers
AL 8460 GOML (Georgia on my Line) English grammar for ESL/EFL teachers (online)
AL 8760 Materials design, development, and publication
AL 8780 Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers
AL 8760 Corpus Linguistics
AL 2101 Introduction to Language
AL 3101 English Grammar in Use
ESL 7350 Academic Writing for Graduate Students

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